Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Russian Martial Arts

Don't you just love the Quote?
I've been writing blogs about Martial Arts for about 4 months now, as my readers begins to grow more and more I realized there is an interesting patterns of people coming over to read about Martial Arts. Blogspot allows me to track where the readers are from. Aside from the usual English speaking countries like US, UK, Australia and some parts of Europe & Asia, I noticed there is a large numbers of readers from Russia.

Now I'm not saying Russians don't speak English nor don't do Martial Arts, but it is a pleasant surprise to me, it actually fascinates me because I know absolutely nothing about the Martial Arts scene in Russia. Partly to blame that I've been ignorant to think Russian only do Wrestling

So I went to dig a bit about how Russians associates themselves to Martial Arts. 

Couretesy of Wikipedia, (my rough summary)

There was a traditional Russian Fist Fighting that was outlawed by the Russian Empire in 1832. It was supposedly a tradition of soldiers fighting hand to hand against each other. After the break-up of the Soviet Union the Russians began to honor the military traditions by celebrating a festival call "Maslenitsa."(translate to Pancake Festival......what?)

Ordinary people are gathered during the Pancake Festival and participate one of the many activities....
And punch the living daylight out of each other whilst smiling.
However during the Soviet Era, the government wanted to create hand-to-hand combat systems which probably evolved into the modern day, Systema & Sambo. (I will explore more into those later) This is just assumptions, but fighting system/martial arts like Sambo & Systema is what makes Spetznas the best at what they do in a hand to hand situations. 

Movies & Video Games loves to include these Russian Military Martial Artist as a great new wave to the Martial Arts world.

I will post more Russian related Martial Arts in the near future. There is so much to learn and its fascinating how Military Training fused with Martial arts that creates one of the most deadliest warriors known to man.

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