Monday, 2 April 2012

Effects on Pepper Spray - Self Defense Weapons

Chuck Norris doesn't need deodorant, he applies pepper Spray to grow his chest hair!
Since the Pepper spray cop incident with Lieutenant John Pike, large hose of meme flooded the internet with more than enough hilarious photoshopped pictures. But what about the serious side of things? when things become much more serious than the actual lightness of internet comedians.

So what are the effects of a pepper spray?
The main pain-causing ingredient in most pepper sprays have 5 major heat-producing elements that makes up makes of a load pain inducing chemistry.

When your eyes are hit by the spray, it causes instant inflammation of the mucous membranes in your throat and nose. The lining of your throat swells slightly -not enough for clogged your airflow but just enough to make it tough to breath. You will cough, gag and feel the need to breath harder for more air. It temporarily paralyzes your larynx, making it difficult to speak. Effects will last about 45 minutes until you recover from normal breathing rate.

It also shoots blood pressure up where blood floods your face, making it appear as if it has been burned. Making your face all red in the process. When exposed to the eyes it creates minute damage to the surface of the eyes and causes tears to sip out. Rubbing your face only makes it worst.

So by some freak accidents you happen to be exposed by all compounds to the eyes there are ways to help sooth the pain until the pain goes away. 

Splashing lots of cold water will help in that way drinking water helps... but not immediately. Some Protesters from the actual incident says milk is the best way to fight the sting. When you think it's finally over, when the intense stinging has stopped: as a parting gift. You'll be sensitive to light for about a week.

Sounds bad? It used to be worse. When the fiery concoction was first used in the US in the late 1970s, the percentage of pepper to spray was more severe—as were the effects when you were hit with it. Early versions could force the detachment of the entire corneal epithelium, causing a condition that required medical care for weeks.
So it seems like the negative effects of a pepper spray have lesson with new technology, however it is always important, at the end of the time, your life & the people you influence is more important than anything. It is one of the many options for a self-defense weapons
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