Saturday, 4 February 2012

Real violence TV - When to draw a line?

We live in an uncensored society, through the sheer power of marketing we are constantly exposed in things that tickles our fundamental primal being. From the days human beings can read, industry revolves around sex & indulgence are multi-billion dollar businesses. Since the time of man, visual media have been for many years embraces into the concept of violence, we see them in cultural performance arts & Shakespearian plays, in sporting events and in motion pictures, and it has become multi-billion dollar business as well.

In the likes of Video Games & Movies, National Televisions are pushing the boundaries of embracing Violence for higher ratings. The trends setters for acceptance for raw violence started out from News & Educational TV. Showing animals of nature hunts & fight for survival, evolves into topic such as animal cruelty - showing animals getting abused violently. Then there is the infamous crime & investigation TV, talks about street gangs & drugs.

Reality TV is the key word that is creating such a trend. The raw footage of flailing fist fights tend to excite people and often times makes us continue to keep watching or even the raw fact we like to see some people we hate to be beaten up on tv.

Courtesy of Youtube - (raw violence footage warning)

Is this ethical? are these reality? Reality TV shows such as America's top model, Big Brother & even The Apprentice. For whatever reason people love to see these fights however for me, I'm actually more interested in fights that educates people such as the likings of Spike TV's "World's Deadliest Warrior"

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