Monday, 12 December 2011

Sherlock Holmes - Detective, Mix Martial Artist or Wing Chun Practitioner???

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadow is premiering soon and thought I share an interesting thought to those who may not be aware. Throughout our knowledge before the movie, we always known Sherlock Holmes to be the calm collected/calculative detective which traditionally are not prone violence. However only the hardcore of fans only caught a tiny glimpse of information where Sherlock Holmes has the ability to perform martial arts at times of danger.

Many whose seen the movie and saw the above scene have mixed reactions, reactions like.....
"There's so much violence.This isn't Sherlock Holmes! He doesn't know how to fight!"
"Yowsa! this is a scene from that movie Fight Club!"
"Eeeek! Robert D. Shirtless!"

for the hardcore fans would go...
"Why would they make Sherlock Holmes into an action adventure film? It's should be a detective film!"
"OMG thats Bartitsu! (or Baritsu) the whatcha ma callit martial arts in the scene where Holmes falls to his death at the waterfall with his arch nemesis in Sherlock Holmes book, volume etc etc etc....."

The aforementioned Baritsu is a long lost martial art style developed by an englishmen name E.W. Barton Wright. whom in historical profile travelled learned various styles of Asian Martial arts and brought back to England during the Victorian period. He uses various martial arts style and developed his very own style to accommodate the English Men/Women for self defense, and probably 'political' reasons to make it as English & graceful as possible.

Bartitsu (or Baritsu) may very well be the very first Mix Martial Arts Pioneer before the legendary Bruce Lee made his world renown Jeet Kune Do.

and for the Martial Arts practitioners they go like....
"...........................that looked ALOT like Wing Chun...doesnt it?"

Well fellow Martial Artist & are correct.

Yes everyone, you have seen it and you can't un-see this. Everytime you look at any Hollywood movie that might involve close proximity fist fights you will think of Robert Downey Jr....doing Wing Chun. I wonder if there is any bears in this new Sherlock Holmes movies?

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