Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Epic News! - Laser guns for riot deterrence?

The Greek Protestor probably inspired them to make it.
Paranoid security officials about the future possible unrest after this summer's riots in the UK, the British police decides to developed a laser rifle which can project walls of light and can temporarily blind a pack of rioters. Well with the whole Wallmart incident, I'm sure its also safe to say chances are the after Chrismast Shopping may or may not go out of hand as well.....you know for self-defense.

According to UK telegraph, its like getting blasted by the light is almost the equivalent to our eyes staring straight at the sun in midday.

Supposedly the prototype of the Laser guns.
The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.
From a tech perspective this may sounds like young adults dream come true. It may even seem very effective, however it has one fatal flaw. Lasers are light and lights are reflective yes? How about some rioters become smart and decided to put up a barricade of light aluminum wall and do this....

Charging Stars!
It'll probably blind the riot cops as well, making it seemed like a MAJOR laser tag event in a major city!
Oh, lets not forget they are now giving more ideas for bad people to harm other people with. Well done indeed.

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