Saturday, 7 January 2012

Epic Weapons found in flight security 2011 Edition

Courtesy of TSA Blogs and Gizmodo for bringing to my attention of such things to consider NOT to bring when flying. Or at the very least be aware of what SOME people might be bringing in in their carry-ons.....
Look out frequent flyers the person sitting next to you might be packing some dangerous knife somewhere!

Blades from a shoe is quite typical and common that some people still believe they can walk through custom thinking they are like some James Bond Villain and not get stopped.

A foldable knife concealing in a belt buckle
Some people are actually smart to hide their mini knife to pretend as a belt buckle. Explains why in-flights nowadays they ask people take off their belts for scanning. Now I understand.

Typical hidden weapon thats been going on for centuries
The typical blade in a walking stick found in many centuries and many cultures; used as an assassination weapon or for self defense purposes. Nowadays to walk around with one is illegal however back in the Victorian days Baritsu practitioners tend to wield one of these.

Custom made wallet with a hidden blade attachment
Is this ethical? I can imagine how convenient it can be when u need to cut off a loose thread on your corporate suit. Or you can use it to slice off an unsuspecting robber and get in court for that - or the fact you have something sharp & pointy pointing at your crotch the entire time....

A phone may stun flight communications but this can stun a human being...
The phone above is actually a stun-gun that looks like a cellphone. Most probably custom built for self defense reasons on unsuspecting robbers or something more sinister like shutting up some annoying passengers mid-flight.
Plastic/Ceramic made ninja throwing knifes
Judging by the picture it may looked like a collectors item that may come with the book, however anything that looks like a weapon will definitely get stopped by the flight security. you can't travel with your Naruto Kunai (replica throwing knife) either kids...

Pepper Spray & Knifes trying to conceal in a vase
You know the flight securities have X-rays that sees through almost anything. So concealing potential weapons in a ceramic vase, is not helping either. By the way, the Casually Pepper Spray Cop & the Wallmart Incident isn't helping the situation either.

The Customs are on high alert people! so don't bring anymore dangerous items - you shouldn't be flying with those unless you have some creative ideas to get caught on purpose and let me post more of your creative (but stupid) endeavors online!

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