Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thousand Pounds - Street Fighter 25th Birthday

What is the definition of a dislocated jaw? The picture above.

Keeping up with the spirit of Street Fighter 25th Birthday, here's a group of stuntman/Martial Artist doing their own rendition of Ultra Combos from courtesy of Street Fighter 4. We've all seen how martial art fight scenes in movies have evolved throughout the years now even Video Games is taking up a notch into making the illusion of hitting hard to REALLY hurts.

Courtesy of the group from "Thousand Pounds" 

I'm telling you guys, video games makes action sequences so much more awesome simply by manipulating the traditional camera angles into hyper realism camera angles to achieve the greatest effect. Aside from Japanese film maker Ryuhei Kitamura, I have yet to see Hollywood attempt to mimic the camera angles of a video game to achieve for maximum impact. 

I wonder why Capcom have yet to create a drunken master character in their fighting games
As Jackie Chan would (probably) say, "Comedy is all about timing & pauses, Martial Arts comedy is all about high impact timing and fancy pauses" not to mention the help of camera angles and exaggerated sound design.
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