Saturday, 28 April 2012

Self Defense Tips – Training Tips by Paul Vounak

Self Defense Tips – Training Tips by Paul Vounak

Helpful tips that’s maybe useful for self-defense for anyone, martial arts practitioners or not. I don’t encourage everyone to follow what he is teaching FULLY especially for people who doesn’t have the proper training, however there are some tips that i can extract from that video and put it in point form that may be useful for self defense.

1) The slap – slapping is one of the most natural action human hands can do, aside from pushing/pulling and picking. So for the untrained people, slapping is easy to do and it protects your hand, should you fist lands on harder part of their skulls. Remember human Fingers are more brittle than human skull.

2)Remember when first train with a partner, hit their largest muscle for training purposes,i.e. their biceps, don’t go straight for the head or it will hurt your partner during the training.

3) When training make sure you and your partners are protected with paddings, or motorcycle helmets (if can’t find proper Martial Arts training helmets)

4) Using elbow and knee to strike vital areas, the Head, the Groin & the Knee

Once again, this is just a general  Self-Defense tips to take note when training for self-defense.

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