Monday, 16 April 2012 it is official!

Wing Chun Bear presents to you...the official Wing Chun Bear Website!
With the running support of fellow Martial Arts enthusiasts, you have all made it possible!

Hey guys come check out my new official website!
I'll give you all a little overview of what is all about.

People ask what is the difference between BBQ for honor and the official website? 

1) sounds nicer than BBQ for honor
2) In has a better presentation & structure
3) There are more useful contents other than just pure blogs
4) And for those enthusiast itching to train, there are some helpful contents and guides to motivate them further.

Wing Chun Bear is still a work in progress and will have all the same contents that is found in BBQ for Honor as well and more!

So come on by to the contact's page, drop a line, comment subscribe and check out the STORE!! (how cool is that?). 

Thanks guys once again for your support and without further ado, is official!

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