Monday, 10 October 2011

Bas Rutten - One of the funniest man in Mix Martial Arts (MMA)

Those who follows the phenomenon sports that is Mix Martial Arts (MMA) would have heard the name Bas Rutten. This man does it all, a Kyokushin Karate & Taekwondo blackbelt, Muay Thai Kickboxer, Jiujitsu and Mix Martial Artist. As a young boy he idolizes the legendary Bruce Lee after watching 'Enter the Dragon', he decided to start training for boxing even against his parents conservative wishes.

At the age of 20 he began competing in Muay Thai fighting 16 matches, winning 14 by 'Knockouts' - 13 of the winning in his first round; and his other two lost by TKO (technical Knockout). With outstanding record at a young age, his career began to skyrocket with continuous amazing winnings and to becoming the UFC champion.

His devastating punch to the gut makes his fellow fighter Proper Fear to fight him from getting hit by his punch

For being an extraordinary fighter wasn't what caught my attention to Bas Rutten. What REALLY caught my attention was his wild charismatic nature yet awkwardly and yet genuinely funny videos to coaching people in self defense.

Here's a summary clip of some of his self defense video

From what i believed after his retirement he uses his popularity and began to focus on his charismatic persona much like the wrestler "The Rock" to the immensely influential power of the media to shine brighter. Making an even bigger name through the forceful power of the Media, appearing on TV shows, Movies, talk-shows and even appearing in video games such as Grand Theft Auto....etc etc etc.

Bas Rutten is very outspoken and very hilarious instructional videos (floating in youtube).

Thanks to Bas, I was introduced the lighter side of MMA and began taking notice of the world of Mix Martial Arts. I was once a Traditional Martial Artist purist. I was once skeptical of the constant violent of brawling nature to think MMA is not proper martial arts.

Much like his hero Bruce Lee Bas Rutten is quickly to become an official name to be immortalize in the Mix Martial Arts Hall of Fame. My respects to you Bas and true to the nature of your humor I will not bow for you, instead ima' gonna break your leg instead.

Remember to use the ambiance when fighting - coz it hurts more

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