Friday, 21 October 2011

Bas Rutten - Tips that may save your life

As mentioned in my previous blog 'Bas Rutten' is probably one of the most entertaining man I have ever seen in Martial Arts. Sure there may be some could be funnier but most probably because of the many 'Epic Fail' in attempt to show off some Martial Grace.

He may be funny but he is definitely no pushover. As you can see in his video tips in self defense.

Remember his case point. Bas Rutten's tips to save your own life.

1) Identify the threat - get out of the way (or run if possible)
2) Always be aware of your surroundings - you dont want to run into a dead end.
3) Find or create an obstacle/object to create a barrier & distance away from your aggressor.
4) Memorize the word - Slam, Stab, Throw, Kick in the groin, Boom right straight
5) Use the ambiance to your advantage and bounce their head on table
6) Use verbal diffuser like, "i dont want any trouble" or "Don...Dont you eveeer doo thiisss"

Jokes aside, his tips are general self defense concepts that can protect you. Some disciplines and concepts may not agree with Bas/myself, however , if you do not know how to physically hurt someone, you may not know how to defend/avoid from one. (hence why point 4 & 5 seems important too)

Thanks Bas for the tip!

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