Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Epics - start of a new epic stuff

Internet is a powerful tool, everyday once in awhile we practitioners tends to come across some interesting things. Either some of us wanted to learn some moves ahead of Masters teachings, or review some lessons learned from their respective sessions, educate themselves, skeptics can call out fake or nots, or even to entertain themselves by watching great KOs or Epic Fails.

So as a form to provide bloggers to see some interesting stuff they might or might not missed out, BBQ quest for honor will start blogging new segments calls "The Epic ..........."

Without further ado, lets starts with our first The Epic.......!
In the honor of the 'Zhangief Kid' post, we shall now have it pit against with this - Epic Car Destroyer!

For those who didn't know, this Martial Cosplayer is actually reenacting a gaming segment from the video game Super Street Fighter 2. A bonus round segment where your character is to wreck a car to pieces before the time runs out. Some may think he is crazy some may think he has too much time in his hands. For people who simply loves wrecking things with their bare hand should check out the Pumprey Brothers in US.

The Pumphrey Brothers - aka Human Wrecking Balls
The Pumphrey brothers isn't your normal run down of a mill big people wrecking stuff, they are actual Martial Artist and Champions of in breaking stuff. People outside of the US are not usually familiar with competitions purely about breaking things and they are the champions in their field. (more on Wrecking Ball Brothers next Blog)

Here's a little something for what they are known for Courtesy of G4TV. Surely beats what that Ryu guy can do. 

Epic Breaking!

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