Thursday, 8 March 2012

Steet Fighter X Tekken - Its out!

It's finally out! After watching tons and tons of trailers and reading reviews about the game it seems that Capcom have outdone themselves in delivering yet another impressive fighting game for us all!

I dont even need to second guess myself that this fighting game will be the best yet!
For those who don't know Street Fighter X Tekken is as obvious as it gets. Putting 2 of the best fighting video game in the industry against each other. Complimenting each other's strengths and created probably one of the greater master piece fighter available!

The game just barely came out and there is already an impressive well made Fan Made Martial Art short Film out of it! Courtesy of youtube & the creators Thousand Pounds.

Not convince? check out the gameplay & features in the official trailer below. Courtesy of Capcom
Gota love the epic rock song to compliment the Martial Arts sound effects :D

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