Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wing Chun Bear the Fan Page!

Thank you very much fellow readers!

Hello to all fellow Martial Arts Enthusiast. It has been about 6 months since I started blogging and I have to say I am extremely grateful for those who shares the same passion as I do to continuously to return to BBQ for honor to be informed, notified, educated and entertained by the things I've been blogging so far. I humbly & sincerely thank you all for your support.

I am excited to announce that my readers are steadily growing week after week and are starting to see more and more readers coming from all over the world, such as Australia, the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Russia and a few Asian countries like Malaysia & Singapore to name a few.

A Map of BBQ for honor readers.
The map above is the reason that got me more and more excited each time I blog about something. It is the whole reason why i started this blog and the map shows me there are many people out there shares the same interest as me.

So as a thank you and to celebrate the 6th month of BBQ for honor, I have created a Facebook Fan page for returning readers to be more updated to a brand new post. The fan page is created for ALL of you. And the Fan Page will be call "WingChunBear" (pretty easy to remember yea?)

This fan page was created solely for the people who shares similar interests as i do, so what I offer for returning readers and new readers alike, the ability to share their thoughts on Martial Arts as well. They can share ideas & news & updates of their liking towards Martial Arts. They can share and discuss ideas, 
posting cool videos circulating online or even form and voice out their opinions on certain things as long as it's tasteful :). Should i find something extremely cool I may feature your post in the blog as well :).

The fan page is a work in progress, through the words of wisdom of the Legend Bruce Lee, "Jeet Kune Do is a system that evolves" WingChunBear Fan Page will evolve along with the people who shares their wisdom along with it. So do pay the Fan Page a visit, if you enjoy the new features please feel free to "like"& subscribe under your own FB account.

Thanks you again for your support and continue to stay true to your passion of Martial Arts as much as i do.

Like Martial Arts? check out WingChunBear official Website. It's a page for Martial Arts Enthusiast to view, learn & share ideas in regards to Anything Martial Arts. Feel free to drop by from time to time and "Like" the fan page to support its growth to gather more Enthusiast :) they are websites for YOU. Click the links below and Subscirbe in the "contact" page to receive future goodies :D


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