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Russian Martial Arts - Systema

Russian Martial Arts seems to derive its roots from it's Soviet Military Hand to Hand Combat

To follow up my previous knowledge about Russian Martial Arts, I've done a little bit of research to find out what are the martial arts scenes from Russia. Aside from the mainstream Olympics of wrestling & boxing, Martial Arts in Russia are gaining more and more popularity and exposure thanks to the internet.

From what I gather mostly in popular culture and references from the internet there are 3 main styles that keeps coming up every time I google "Russian Martial Arts" This probably explains how I begin to see more unique readers from Russia as well.

Systema (the system)

Systema are trained in hand to hand combat, grappling, knife fighting and fire arms training. Training involves drills and sparring although without the set kata like traditional martial arts. It's an art focuses mainly on controlling the six body levers (elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles & shoulders) through pressure point application, striking & weapons applications. Systema is often advertised and mainstream as a martial art trained by their special forces, the Russian Spetsnaz. Check out the rare Video below.

With the booming threat of street safety, self protection & self defense, Systema have been incorporated to be trained by normal civilian for Self Defense purposes. And the video below are examples of Systema being implemented to be trained to civilians safety.

Some notable names of Systema Masters responsible for its global exposure includes Mikhail Ryabko & Vladamier Vasiliev. (apologize if i got the spelling wrong) As I noticed during my research i found that their concepts for punching, kicking and stance seems different than conventional martial arts. Traditionally the fundamental of power comes from the hip motion and its present in Systema as well, however their anatomy of punching are unfamiliar territory for a traditionalist like myself. As explained in videos below

Mikhael Ryabko

Vladimir Vasiliev

Notice how the people taking the impact of the punch moves when getting hit. From the looks of it apparently a way to absorb the impact or deflect the force away from the body. It's very unique and unfamiliar...which also excites me :D

Another thing that I come across in my research are the criticism towards the demonstrations of Systema. There are those critics out there believe some of their concept shows in the videos are fraud and some even calls it as "Soviet Propaganda".

Courtesy of Martial Arts Haters & non-believers who contributed their point of view of Systema below

I have much respect for all forms of Martial Arts, I'm not here to provoke heated discussions with the internet people wether the video above is real or not, an open-minded Martial Artist are mature enough not to be phased by criticism of those who barks at cats. My intention is to merely put up observations from my research and for people to expand their knowledge in the aspect of Martial Arts.

Criticism are everywhere and in every Martial Art. It is up to the Martial Artist to form a constructive opinion of the criticism and take inner peace in their decisions.

Coming up on more comprehensive study of other Russian Martial Arts
(Sambo & Voin system)

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