Monday, 14 November 2011

Kubotan - A self defense tool....or an aggressor Weapon?

Reach for the sky kitty Cat!
We live in a dangerous society, a society where people can just jump out of some shrubbery and just attacked and/or rape you regardless of gender, so you decided to go to pay tons of money for self defense courses, or even buy some DVDs for some self defense tips from MMA Legend, Bas Rutten. Only to find yourself not funny enough like Bas to protect yourself. 

So you decided to arm yourself with Self Defense Weaponry such as the Taser, Pepper Spray, even retractable baton. etc etc. 

One thing that caught my attention is a Self defense tool call Kubotan.

Its an ugly oversize keychain that may save your life
It's kinda cool coz it has a bit of that Ninja sneakyness to it, holding a hidden yet deadly weapon and can easily be accessible by anyone who wish to protect themselves. 
Haters may say, "It's only a piece of metal that hardly fits in your pocket! Its not tazed and it doesn't shoot out Pepper Spray, how could a piece of metal so small protect anyone from thugs?" 
Well look at this demonstration video and judge for yourself. 

It's small but sturdy steel, have a small ounce of weight for extra power, by hitting sensitive area as demonstrated in the video, it can temporarily stun the aggressor to release their grip on you. For those nicpickers may find it ugly can choose from the wide range of other Kubotans from the colorful to the extremely deadly!

From the Hidden 
The Deadly

 The Variety 
The Practical

And Totally Illegal !!!

So for the Martial Philosophers/Martial Skeptics who loves to start philosophical arguments may revel in this great question i'd like to ask. 

You don't want make your girlfriend/wife angry when she pack one of these!
"After looking through that video, is the street any safer for anyone anymore?"

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  1. thanks for the information, i found it useful.especially the self defense video.