Friday, 11 November 2011

Street Fights, well executed Martial Moves - great form

We all seen them, brutal street fights, thugs and gangsters beating each other caught on tape. At times we see fist fighting brutality making headlines on local news, and even slamming global headline in the internet like the infamous Zhangief Kid

Sometimes we catch glimpse of idiots flailing hands around not hitting their target and once awhile we catch well executed blows. Most notably well executed Martial Arts blows. 

At first you may think this guy is acting it out, but looking at his low stance and focus stare at the baddies he doesn't looked scared or even flinched. Great demonstration of Martial Grace. One nice solid hit and down goes bad boys. For a martial art enthusiast, its always inspirational to see such sights.

Although I AM curious as to what martial arts this man is doing. I can't seem to tell. Anyone might know what style of martial arts he is doing?

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