Monday, 6 February 2012

Journey to the Wing Chun Bear

Like us human beings, Fresh graduates Wing Chun Bears had to start looking for jobs to function today's reality and society. And sometimes they face modern day problems....such as...

Racism...or Specie'ism (can someone translate that for me?)

Landing a job in the stock markets. 

To Fight for their country and join the Navy

Sometimes they would be fighting for their rights

Fall in love and start a family...

Or simply fall down in life.
But for whatever path they have taken or whatever choices and career they decided on, a Wing Chun Bear always set themselves apart from the other ordinary bears. They are born and raised with the spirit of their strength, their power, their cunningness and ferocious speed They shall always dedicate themselves to their Martial Arts, for they are the WING CHUN BEARS!!! 

Like Martial Arts? check out WingChunBear official Website. It's a page for Martial Arts Enthusiast to view, learn & share ideas in regards to Anything Martial Arts. Feel free to drop by from time to time and "Like" the fan page to support its growth to gather more Enthusiast :) they are websites for YOU. Click the links below and Subscirbe in the "contact" page to receive future goodies :D


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