Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to perform Seppuku or Harakiri for a shamed Samurai

Sucks i don't understand Japanese
I've come across this information from a news chain site, above is what looked to be a How-to guide to perform Seppuku or Harakiri for a Samurai. Wether if it's intended as a joke or its real is unclear (unfortunately I don't read Japanese) however it is the step-by-step guide seemed  very detailed. They seemed to have forgotten the 2nd guy who was supposedly to lop off his head.

For those who doesn't know what Seppuku or Harakiri is, it is an ancient ritual performed by the Japanese Samurai, when they feel they have dishonored their Samurai Code, or family or themselves or anything, they have this custom to perform Seppuku or Harakiri. Seppuku translate to 'stomach-cutting' whilst Harakiri translate to 'disambiguation'. - those who still don't know whats really going on its what they consider as a "ritual suicide" below is the video of how one perform a Seppuku.

below is a dramatization of how they perform the seppuku.

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