Sunday, 5 May 2013

An Article about Krav Maga

Krav Maga For Self Defense
If you are looking to get into martial arts for sport, style or fines then I would say that Krav Maga is not for you. Bottom line this is a no BS self-defense system. It is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Special Forces and has been taught U.S. law enforcement officers, U.S. military special forces and thousands of civilians across the country.
Krav Maga pulls out all of the body movements that traditional martial arts would instill into you from day one. Krav Maga actually only uses moves that are practical and are extremely easy to learn and remember. In my opinion this makes Krav Maga the best self-defense system for anyone beginners to experienced martial artist.
Remember Krav Maga is not a martial art it is a self-defense system. Krav Maga actually teaches you with practical scenarios and exhausting stress drills how to react to real world situations that you might find yourself in on the street. The method of stress drills that are used are actually quite impressive. I've been involved in 3 styles of Karate, 2 styles of Kung-Fu, and also a little Brazilian Jujitsu, I also dabbled in Tai-Chi for a little while and I feel that this is the most effective teaching system that I have come across.
The main problem with all the martial arts that I have been a part of, is that they are very hard to learn and remember when you are in a real world situation. Regular martial arts takes years and years to even see an improvement and that's with constant training and practice. Krav Maga was designed for people that didn't have a lot of time to train and practice. It was also designed to be very easy to learn and remember.
So, when your doing your research on self-defense don't rule out Krav Maga.

Want to get a head start in learning Krav Maga? click on the links and pictures below

Click the Picture below or here to learn more about Krav Maga and see self-defense expert's & student's opinion & testimonials on their experiance learning Krav Maga. 

Self Defense
Experience for yourself too and find out how it would change your mindset about street security  & street awareness. People's life has been changed, they stay fit, healthy, stronger, more aware and most important of it all, SAFER.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The WC 'Bear Necessity' of self defense

In any situation all it takes is the BEAR essential to learn these simple 8 steps to learn self-defense.

Courtesy of Youtube's Dabbler.
Review of the video above:
1) Avoid & be aware of potential dangers & threats around you
2) Breath and stay calm. Put yourself in a calm state of mind
3) Communicating with confidence, but not hostile!
4) Don't make the situation any worst. 
5) Environment & Exits
6) Fire! (although not limited, calling FIRE attracts more attention over the word help)
7) Get away! Always find an opportunity to get away.
8) Hit hard hit fast hit first. (when all else have failed)

Come on over to Street Fight Zero Rules to see a more detailed Review of the video above.

Skip on over to Krav Maga sales page by clicking below picture to get access to the most affective techniques in self-defense and self protection right now! 

Self Defense

Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach real self defense in the shortest possible time. Learn to defend against common chokes, grabs, and bearhugs, as well as weapons such as guns, knives, and sticks. Most importantly it trains people to be comfortable to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wing Chun Bear - Range of Martial Arts

Wing Chun Bear doing Chi Sao
Wing Chun Bears are not limited by its very own Martial Arts, Wing Chun Bear are trained in various other discipline to better themself Mentally and Physically.

Wing Chun Bear does Sumo!
Wing Chun Bear Do Ninjitsu!

Wing Chun Bear doing an upper left hook! from Boxing maybe?

Adding Gracie Jiujitsu, and we have Wing Chun Bear as the All Rounder Bear!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Street Fight Zero Rules!

Sick and tired reading the news about violent cases of people getting mugged on the streets? Feeling paranoid about every dark alley you come across? Worry about the rape cases in the parking lots?
Didn't have the patience to learn years of Traditional Martial Arts in order to protect yourself?

Well look no further!
Come on over to Wing Chun Bear's dedicated blogging site for Self Defense call the Street Fight Zero Rules!it is a SERIOUS blog dedicated to those who are concerned about their well beings and safety on the streets and those interested to learn some interesting real facts about staying alive on the streets!

What you will find in Street Fight Zero Rules

  • The all important preventive measurements one can take to avoid conflicts
  • Weekly news and tips on how to be more assertive to avoid potential threats
  • The all important information of when encountering of actual threat
  • Tips & tricks from Real Experts in the self-defense industries
  • Reviews & recommendations of available Online-Courses in the Self defense industries

Those who are already committed to begin making changes in their life to gain the ability to protect themselves and others may go directly into learning the available Courses below...

Self Defense Krav Maga On-line

Krav Maga, The World's Best Self Defense Method Is Finally Online! Israeli Army Face-to-face Fighting Method Against Terrorists. No fuss, fast to pickup system that can be learned by ALL. Learn to be well prepared and equip with the knowledge and skill sets when encountering dangerous incidents. 

Street Fighting Uncaged

Learn the "Dirty" street fighting moves that gangs & thugs wont want you to know. These are all the moves outlawed by MMA & cagefights for its realism and brutality to stay alive.

More other recommended affiliates to come in near future to optimize your awareness & wellness in self-defense!

Click here now to the new Blogging site dedicated to your owns safety!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Wing Chun Dummy...arrive!

After so many years it is finally here! I finally made the decision to order one. 

The picture above known as the Muk Yan Jong, also known as the Wing Chun wooden dummy. There are many variations where some are mounted on supporting pillars and some are direct to wall. The one i bought have the suction cups to keep it from moving around. The weight is heavy enough to keep it in place and coincidentally the tiles works well with the suction cups. It's similar to what we see in the Ip Man movie by Donnie Yen

It's a bit of a longshot maybe one day i will buy myself one of those bears in Amsterdam as training facilities. One step closer to being an honorable Wing Chun Bear!

or train yourself to be a Wing Chun Bear instead!
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

London Summer Olympic 2012 - Epic Martial News! Day 6

Now isn't that awesome looking or what?
The London Summer Olympic 2012, Countries have won glory & golds whilst some receive close-call wins and some regrettable defeats. And we are only hitting Day 6! Good luck to those who have not competed yet and well done to those who already did their country proud....or not..?

I'm sure many of us can simply look around for scores of their specific matches and teams on the official London Olympic Website, but what Wing Chun Bear is more interested to find are more impactful news!

Remember the controversial defeat of Yang-Shu-Chun from Taiwan during the Beijing Olympic 2008?

So without further ado lets look at the current big news in current Olympic news to Martial Arts.

Japan Victory? or lost? or win? I DUNNO! Tell us refereee!
Boxing, Japan Satoshi Shimizu lands a body blow to his opponent from Azeri named Abdulhamidov. Looks like a sure win to move to quaterfinals for Japan since Abdulhamidov fell to the ground whilst wobbling standing back up. However Referee gave Abdulhamidov a contradictory score of 22-17 whom which Satoshi lost. Clearly spectators booed the decision and later the referee decided to appeal for his previous decision and made Satoshi to move to the next round.....well atleast the referee is doing whats right....RIGHT?? more info courtesy of DailyMail.

Sit down Protest! soo its sitting down protest....don't the managers need to move on to the next match?
Supposedly sitting-down protest is not a new thing, you just sit down to protest something about the match until someone or something is being done. But of course theres always controversies! The news supposedly that Korean (sitting down) Shin Lam is winning and when suddenly the match was given some time extension and that gave her opponent German, Britta Heideman to get the upperhand and won. So it was an utter defeat for Shin who then made London Olympic's first sitting down protest! let the Protest begins!....supposedly she had the chance for Bronze match and lost that one as well.......well.........a lost is a lost right?...more info courtesy of the Telegraph

The path to win the Gold medal in the Olympic is very expensive.....lets start a brothel! 
New Zealander, Logan Campbell who competed in the 2008 Beijing Sumer Olympic in Taekwondo didn't make it too far. Upon returning home he amounted a large sums of debt for his travels for the Olympics....(correct me if im wrong but dont they get sponsorship from the governement for these sorts of trips?) So for him to compete in this year's London Olympic he needs more money he decided to open a brothel. To fund for his training.....(apparently). "Training" alright. tee hee...
Jokes aside, those who don't know, it is legal to sell sex under the right guidelines in New Zealand. He sold his business thereafter but with the press and the media won't let go of such story kept on bugging him about his past, calling him the a sleazy pimp. Some Olympics officials find it degrading to the Olympic community for having such a past. Logan continues to defend against the barrage of negative press. More info coretesy of Yahoo! sports.

Olympic will continue to be strong due to stronger competitors every 4 years setting new records but it is also the controversies the dramas and the weird that makes Olympic great! Keep them coming i say!

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Friday, 27 July 2012

London Summer Olympic 2012

Another exciting year have come forth! it almost felt like yesterday when Beijing Summer Olympic happened. Massive fireworks, large crowds, China showcasing to the world,......and most importantly my highlight, the Opening Ceremony of impressive number of Taichi demonstration.....oh and the flying old 

On another note, our condolences of Beijing and its flooding incident and wish/pray for their speedy recovery....(coz im gonna be going there in few weeks!!!)

So to celebrate the opening of another great year of Martial Arts related Olympic competition, let us recap of last years highlights of the worlds greatest competitors!

(apologize some videos are harder to find than others so i put up whatever is available in the net) 

Tae Kwon Do, Men Finals - Italy Vs Iran

Tae Kwon Do, Women Finals - Canada Vs Korea

 Boxing, Men Finals - Ukraine Vs France

(Apologize could not find a female Finals highlights - if anyone have the link i'm be more than happy to post it here)

Fencing, Men Finals, Japan Vs Germany

 Fencing, Men Finals, China Vs Ukraine

Wrestling Highlights
sorry couldn't find the finals videos...- feel free to link the videos to me

Judo, Men Finals, Azerbaijan Vs Korea

Judo, Women Finals, China Vs Japan

Good luck to all of 2012 competitors all around the world and lets give it our best shot for the gold medal! And of course for us spectators and patriots alike, put up a good and exciting show for us to watch and remember!

More to Come, Taiji Quan, Wushu and much much more...

or train yourself to be a Wing Chun Bear instead!
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