Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Wing Chun Bears Phantom Menace!

Now who doesnt want a cuddly Wing Chun bears that not only can you hug in your sleep, you can train your Siu Lim Tao on it too!

Don't forget to check out these other Wing Chun Bears in action!

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Martial Food? - tenderize your meat with your fist!

Courtesy of Gizmodo website -

Should you feel the need to punch someone in the face but still need to prepare for your marriage anniversary dinner with your wife later tonight?
 Now you can cut the time and do both!

Epic News! - Laser guns for riot deterrence?

The Greek Protestor probably inspired them to make it.
Paranoid security officials about the future possible unrest after this summer's riots in the UK, the British police decides to developed a laser rifle which can project walls of light and can temporarily blind a pack of rioters. Well with the whole Wallmart incident, I'm sure its also safe to say chances are the after Chrismast Shopping may or may not go out of hand as know for self-defense.

According to UK telegraph, its like getting blasted by the light is almost the equivalent to our eyes staring straight at the sun in midday.

Supposedly the prototype of the Laser guns.
The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.
From a tech perspective this may sounds like young adults dream come true. It may even seem very effective, however it has one fatal flaw. Lasers are light and lights are reflective yes? How about some rioters become smart and decided to put up a barricade of light aluminum wall and do this....

Charging Stars!
It'll probably blind the riot cops as well, making it seemed like a MAJOR laser tag event in a major city!
Oh, lets not forget they are now giving more ideas for bad people to harm other people with. Well done indeed.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sherlock Holmes - Detective, Mix Martial Artist or Wing Chun Practitioner???

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadow is premiering soon and thought I share an interesting thought to those who may not be aware. Throughout our knowledge before the movie, we always known Sherlock Holmes to be the calm collected/calculative detective which traditionally are not prone violence. However only the hardcore of fans only caught a tiny glimpse of information where Sherlock Holmes has the ability to perform martial arts at times of danger.

Many whose seen the movie and saw the above scene have mixed reactions, reactions like.....
"There's so much violence.This isn't Sherlock Holmes! He doesn't know how to fight!"
"Yowsa! this is a scene from that movie Fight Club!"
"Eeeek! Robert D. Shirtless!"

for the hardcore fans would go...
"Why would they make Sherlock Holmes into an action adventure film? It's should be a detective film!"
"OMG thats Bartitsu! (or Baritsu) the whatcha ma callit martial arts in the scene where Holmes falls to his death at the waterfall with his arch nemesis in Sherlock Holmes book, volume etc etc etc....."

The aforementioned Baritsu is a long lost martial art style developed by an englishmen name E.W. Barton Wright. whom in historical profile travelled learned various styles of Asian Martial arts and brought back to England during the Victorian period. He uses various martial arts style and developed his very own style to accommodate the English Men/Women for self defense, and probably 'political' reasons to make it as English & graceful as possible.

Bartitsu (or Baritsu) may very well be the very first Mix Martial Arts Pioneer before the legendary Bruce Lee made his world renown Jeet Kune Do.

and for the Martial Arts practitioners they go like....
"...........................that looked ALOT like Wing Chun...doesnt it?"

Well fellow Martial Artist & are correct.

Yes everyone, you have seen it and you can't un-see this. Everytime you look at any Hollywood movie that might involve close proximity fist fights you will think of Robert Downey Jr....doing Wing Chun. I wonder if there is any bears in this new Sherlock Holmes movies?

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Star Wars Cello - Martial Music...? An Epic Tribute!

I just happen to come across this video in the net. Who doesn't enjoy the countless renditions of light saber duels & memes? Just thought fans would enjoy a nice little tribute to George Lucas' little legacy call Star Wars. It's catchy and somewhat rather well done for a fan film.

Courtesy of the the PianoGuy and internet people and their talents! I might blog about light saber dueling in the future. :D

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Walmart Pepper Spray - Walmart Chaos

Crime related to pepper-pray are sooo boring! bring on the innocent bystander!
All these pepper spraying news seems to be getting out of hand. Since the bizarrely casual UC Davis cop whose pepper-spray brutality became an international story last week news related to spraying can seems to pop-up more and more recently.

Now more news relating to the humble self defense tool just made headline again on a particular season Black Friday, this time it's in Wal-Mart!

Happy Black Friday! Have some pepper!
Check out the news that covers the Walmart incident on black friday. (courtesy of other sources)

Mystery woman....and her pepper spray
An angry (and strategic) shopper in Los Angeles pepper sprayed about 20 people trying to get X-Boxes 360 on Thursday night, sending at least one person to the hospital. In North Carolina, a shootout broke out at 2 a.m. outside a mall where shoppers had gathered.

"There was a stampede at Walmart from people getting Xbox games for half off," he said. "There was no control. People were getting stampeded and trampled. There were people screaming, yelling that they were being trampled or crushed. LAPD Detective Michael Fesperman says the woman, caught in the rush for video-game consoles, may have feared for her life.
"This woman may have fired her pepper spray in self-defense."

"What am I going to charge her with?" Los Angeles police Detective Michael Fesperman asked the Los Angeles Daily News.

"This woman may have fired her pepper spray in self-defense." According to the police, it was "in her rights" for the woman to carry the pepper spray.

Notice it says....MAY have fired in self-defense. Im not implying that she is wrong or right. What i AM implying is that what if it wasn't for self defense? What if some smartass guy/girl decides to hoard for chaos so they can cut in line in a shopping mob?

An all out pepper-spray war!

Since these things are becoming more and more accesible we might even see people pepper-spraying animals.

Hey! you leave that Wing Chun Bear alone!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pepper Spray Cop - Martial Meme!

In a somewhat related news to my blog about Self defense tools, i recently came across this piece of news where it seems to link back to my previous question as wether these self defense tools are really making the streets any safer than it should be?

On November 18th, 2011, a group of students at the University of California Davis campus gathered on campus for an Occupy Protest, during which they formed a human chain by linking their arms together. When they refused to comply with the police request to leave, UC Davis Police officer Lieutenant John Pike and another officer walked across the the group, administering orange pepper spray straight down the line of unmoving students
Just strolling around...spraying pepper for where did i put my can of salt spray?
The picture above is a photo of the incident made internet buzz as how casual the cop sprayed his peppersprays onto the protestors, he is now famed as the "Casually Pepperspray everything Cop" with the power and tools of internet photoshopping, the incident became a meme. Like the Zhangief Kid blog i did, im going to start calling these Martial Memes!

Your making too much noise there cat...

Ima let you finish......NOT!

Unethical much?.......

I shall spray you all to HELL!!!!!
Un-ethical? Maybe. Is it hilarious? YES IT TOTALLY IS! I love you internet people!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Kubotan - A self defense tool....or an aggressor Weapon?

Reach for the sky kitty Cat!
We live in a dangerous society, a society where people can just jump out of some shrubbery and just attacked and/or rape you regardless of gender, so you decided to go to pay tons of money for self defense courses, or even buy some DVDs for some self defense tips from MMA Legend, Bas Rutten. Only to find yourself not funny enough like Bas to protect yourself. 

So you decided to arm yourself with Self Defense Weaponry such as the Taser, Pepper Spray, even retractable baton. etc etc. 

One thing that caught my attention is a Self defense tool call Kubotan.

Its an ugly oversize keychain that may save your life
It's kinda cool coz it has a bit of that Ninja sneakyness to it, holding a hidden yet deadly weapon and can easily be accessible by anyone who wish to protect themselves. 
Haters may say, "It's only a piece of metal that hardly fits in your pocket! Its not tazed and it doesn't shoot out Pepper Spray, how could a piece of metal so small protect anyone from thugs?" 
Well look at this demonstration video and judge for yourself. 

It's small but sturdy steel, have a small ounce of weight for extra power, by hitting sensitive area as demonstrated in the video, it can temporarily stun the aggressor to release their grip on you. For those nicpickers may find it ugly can choose from the wide range of other Kubotans from the colorful to the extremely deadly!

From the Hidden 
The Deadly

 The Variety 
The Practical

And Totally Illegal !!!

So for the Martial Philosophers/Martial Skeptics who loves to start philosophical arguments may revel in this great question i'd like to ask. 

You don't want make your girlfriend/wife angry when she pack one of these!
"After looking through that video, is the street any safer for anyone anymore?"

Friday, 11 November 2011

Street Fights, well executed Martial Moves - great form

We all seen them, brutal street fights, thugs and gangsters beating each other caught on tape. At times we see fist fighting brutality making headlines on local news, and even slamming global headline in the internet like the infamous Zhangief Kid

Sometimes we catch glimpse of idiots flailing hands around not hitting their target and once awhile we catch well executed blows. Most notably well executed Martial Arts blows. 

At first you may think this guy is acting it out, but looking at his low stance and focus stare at the baddies he doesn't looked scared or even flinched. Great demonstration of Martial Grace. One nice solid hit and down goes bad boys. For a martial art enthusiast, its always inspirational to see such sights.

Although I AM curious as to what martial arts this man is doing. I can't seem to tell. Anyone might know what style of martial arts he is doing?

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Martin Yan - Iron Chef? try master of kitchen knife!

Much like Monkey Magic (Journey to the West), Martin Yan used to appear everyday on TV when I was just beginning to learn my ABC in Saseme Street. Right after the evening rerun comes a cooking host by the name of Martin Yan. Apart from looking like my uncle, this man have this really harsh foreign Cantonese accent barely be able to put proper grammar in any single sentences he ever said.

Like any great humble Martial Arts Master, they are master at hiding and deceiving certain things. After 20 long years I just found out that this man is actually an American born Chinese! I've been deceived by his accent for 20 friggin years!

However that is not the point. The point of me even talking about him is my memory of him. Yes he never appear in the popular Iron chef (not that i know of) but what makes him standsout in my memory in comparison with the rest is that, after learning to speak English in Saseme Streets, his cooking show taught me how to speak broken English!

Jokes aside, apart from his bubbly personality and many award winning shows, there is one other thing that he stood out. Martin Yan's Weapon of Choice....

Martin Yan's Signature Chinese Cooking Knife
Also known as a chinese cooking cleaver, or Chopping Knife. He uses such knife to do pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to cutting for food. Chopping, Skinning, Dicing, Cutting, Slicing, Bashing, uses as a mini-tray, Julianning.....pretty much everything. (I have yet to see him whisk an egg using that)

Martial Arts master understands the anatomy of a human. Martin Yan? He understands the anatomy of vegetables and meats. Aside from being such fast cutter and a fast stumbling speaker, his skills with his Knife and understanding the anatomy of food he can do incredible things. Like.....Cutting a piece of Chicken in 18 Seconds.

One day i'd like to find myself a weapon of choice
Martin Yan can do it so can you!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bas Rutten - Tips that may save your life

As mentioned in my previous blog 'Bas Rutten' is probably one of the most entertaining man I have ever seen in Martial Arts. Sure there may be some could be funnier but most probably because of the many 'Epic Fail' in attempt to show off some Martial Grace.

He may be funny but he is definitely no pushover. As you can see in his video tips in self defense.

Remember his case point. Bas Rutten's tips to save your own life.

1) Identify the threat - get out of the way (or run if possible)
2) Always be aware of your surroundings - you dont want to run into a dead end.
3) Find or create an obstacle/object to create a barrier & distance away from your aggressor.
4) Memorize the word - Slam, Stab, Throw, Kick in the groin, Boom right straight
5) Use the ambiance to your advantage and bounce their head on table
6) Use verbal diffuser like, "i dont want any trouble" or "Don...Dont you eveeer doo thiisss"

Jokes aside, his tips are general self defense concepts that can protect you. Some disciplines and concepts may not agree with Bas/myself, however , if you do not know how to physically hurt someone, you may not know how to defend/avoid from one. (hence why point 4 & 5 seems important too)

Thanks Bas for the tip!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Epics - start of a new epic stuff

Internet is a powerful tool, everyday once in awhile we practitioners tends to come across some interesting things. Either some of us wanted to learn some moves ahead of Masters teachings, or review some lessons learned from their respective sessions, educate themselves, skeptics can call out fake or nots, or even to entertain themselves by watching great KOs or Epic Fails.

So as a form to provide bloggers to see some interesting stuff they might or might not missed out, BBQ quest for honor will start blogging new segments calls "The Epic ..........."

Without further ado, lets starts with our first The Epic.......!
In the honor of the 'Zhangief Kid' post, we shall now have it pit against with this - Epic Car Destroyer!

For those who didn't know, this Martial Cosplayer is actually reenacting a gaming segment from the video game Super Street Fighter 2. A bonus round segment where your character is to wreck a car to pieces before the time runs out. Some may think he is crazy some may think he has too much time in his hands. For people who simply loves wrecking things with their bare hand should check out the Pumprey Brothers in US.

The Pumphrey Brothers - aka Human Wrecking Balls
The Pumphrey brothers isn't your normal run down of a mill big people wrecking stuff, they are actual Martial Artist and Champions of in breaking stuff. People outside of the US are not usually familiar with competitions purely about breaking things and they are the champions in their field. (more on Wrecking Ball Brothers next Blog)

Here's a little something for what they are known for Courtesy of G4TV. Surely beats what that Ryu guy can do. 

Epic Breaking!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

Wing Chun Bear this isnt, but its a glorious shot nonetheless....instant KO

Jump Kick!

This is the art of Hare Fu. Hops bites of the ear and chow on carrots as victory pose.

Eagle Claw!
Apologize I havent been blogging for some-time. Once awhile work may put my blogging session on hold. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

Bas Rutten - One of the funniest man in Mix Martial Arts (MMA)

Those who follows the phenomenon sports that is Mix Martial Arts (MMA) would have heard the name Bas Rutten. This man does it all, a Kyokushin Karate & Taekwondo blackbelt, Muay Thai Kickboxer, Jiujitsu and Mix Martial Artist. As a young boy he idolizes the legendary Bruce Lee after watching 'Enter the Dragon', he decided to start training for boxing even against his parents conservative wishes.

At the age of 20 he began competing in Muay Thai fighting 16 matches, winning 14 by 'Knockouts' - 13 of the winning in his first round; and his other two lost by TKO (technical Knockout). With outstanding record at a young age, his career began to skyrocket with continuous amazing winnings and to becoming the UFC champion.

His devastating punch to the gut makes his fellow fighter Proper Fear to fight him from getting hit by his punch

For being an extraordinary fighter wasn't what caught my attention to Bas Rutten. What REALLY caught my attention was his wild charismatic nature yet awkwardly and yet genuinely funny videos to coaching people in self defense.

Here's a summary clip of some of his self defense video

From what i believed after his retirement he uses his popularity and began to focus on his charismatic persona much like the wrestler "The Rock" to the immensely influential power of the media to shine brighter. Making an even bigger name through the forceful power of the Media, appearing on TV shows, Movies, talk-shows and even appearing in video games such as Grand Theft Auto....etc etc etc.

Bas Rutten is very outspoken and very hilarious instructional videos (floating in youtube).

Thanks to Bas, I was introduced the lighter side of MMA and began taking notice of the world of Mix Martial Arts. I was once a Traditional Martial Artist purist. I was once skeptical of the constant violent of brawling nature to think MMA is not proper martial arts.

Much like his hero Bruce Lee Bas Rutten is quickly to become an official name to be immortalize in the Mix Martial Arts Hall of Fame. My respects to you Bas and true to the nature of your humor I will not bow for you, instead ima' gonna break your leg instead.

Remember to use the ambiance when fighting - coz it hurts more

Thursday, 6 October 2011

When you see upon a getting punch in the face.

Those of us training in any form of physical contact martial arts or any form of physical sports where anything blunt slam into their heads they will see what looked to be the solar system projection in their brain. Its the phenomenon we see in comic strips, graphic novels, cartoons and even live action movies to name a few. It almost have the same before & after effect of consuming alcoholic beverages only that it doesn't require any money. Very affective for 'Cheap Bastards'who just wants to see stars in daylight for free.

Why spend all that money space program to see the stars right?
So what is it about getting smacked in the head, allows us to see glimpse of the milky way?

It's all got to do with your brain. Which is the on/off switch of everything for a living creatures. There is a part of your brain at the back of your head called the occipital lobe, that takes information sent from the retina and converts to the image around you that made sense. Imagine its like downloading por.....i mean martial arts videos like Zhangief Kid, the signals goes into your laptop that filters the information and converts it into Video & Audio for people to enjoy.

Now imagine whilst streaming your videos in the internet, suddenly a fat cat falls and knocked your laptop to the ground. The internal hard-drive was bumped and caused the hard-drive to freeze up as a safety measure, but when you view the viewing, it may have paused the video and the player maybe have created some weird jaggedy blurred lines.

See video below, courtesy of Fight Science by National Geography - (through youtube) explains how a punch can impact the Hard Drive in your head.

The video shows concussion, but if the punch is much lighter the brain does the exact effect brain playing bumper cars in your skull.

An Assistant clinical professor of neuro-ophthalmology at UC Irvine explains, "If you irritate the brain, it may create something like a cry vision, a response of distortion, particularly to lights from what the eyes are receiving. This is because retina only does one thing; it sees lights or it doesn't."

Those who wish to see stars in daylight, all we have to do is just rub our eyes. By putting pressure to the retina, it will send duped signal like an email title 'light!' but without text in the body. So that is what you'll get, flecks of uninformed light on top of the landscape that your brain can make sense of.

Kinda like when you have an un-smooth camera lense it creates a weirdly distorted images - except the brain is smart enough not to distort your girlfriend to a horse.....(unless your intoxicated with alcohol) 

Friday, 30 September 2011

The Return of the Wing Chun Bears!

"You DO realize our hands are kinda short to do sticky hand training right?"
Wing Chun bears trains with the wooden dummy, little masters trains with plushies.
"Now i know what prisoners during the Roman empire feels like"

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Aikido Master - Little girl

It appears baby Bruce Lee have a new rival to contend with. Introducing Cute little Aikido Master!

From my understanding in Aikido, those who wears the Hakama (the long skirt looking uniform) is actually at a pretty high level, probably the equivalent of a blackbelt in karate.

Aikido practitioners should be able to verify to see if the adult isn't just allowing her to throw him around. Look closely you can see her footing and energy actually drives the adult to the floor. (non-believers gonna hate)

But it doesn't really matter because at the end of it she look so adorably cute when she was being fling around by the adult at the second half of the video.

'not recommended for untrained people to throw their siblings/daughters around without the propertraining'

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wing Chun Bear Strikes Back!

Wing Chun have hints and evidence of animal styles in its techniques, such as the Crane, snakes, horse stance....etc. But you dont hear them say Bear. 

Bong Sau & Tan Sau, blocking both strikes of the Bear on the left
The right bear cutting through the left's defenses and went for a straight punch in the Center Line
I have a feeling the founder of Wing Chun might have seen bears fight. But because it looked too masculine and aggressive maybe she decided not to say the style derives from a burly bear. Or people may not try to court her back in the day..........It's just my philosophical theory is all....

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hong Kong Airline Learning Kung Fu

This is probably old news, but interesting to many who might have missed the news where last April, Hong Kong Air have announced they are implementing Wing Chun Training as their compulsory training in addition to Cabin services. (honestly i think the management might have saw that Donnie Yen movie last year)

Hong Kong air stewardess learn martial arts
It was reported that cabin crew have to deal with disruptive passengers, like drunkards and troublemakers.....(or triads!) 3 times a week. (not good PR to announce such thing im sure :P)
Although it may seem like a wild fanboy fantasy where stewardess knows kung fu are usually depicts in Japanese cartoon anime, Wing Chun practioners believed it is believed that its well-suited for cabin crew to use in a small confined space. 
The Deputy  General Manager of Corporate Communications in HK quotes,
"One of the passengers was sick but he was probably drunk and felt unwell -- the crew member attended to him and she realised her fitness was helping her especially because the guy was quite heavy," 
"Normally, a female cabin crew can't handle a fat guy, especially if he's drunk, but because of the training, she can handle it quite easily."
Sir, i think you had a little too much to drink, now get back to your seat before i call in the Wing Chun Bears on you!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

98 Year old Female Judo Master - Keiko Fukuda

We all heard of, "my daddy is stronger than your daddy" or "Chuck Norris can beat Sean Claude Van Damme!"

How bout we try, "my grandmother can kick your mommy, daddy & Chuck Norris combine!"

The trailer is an up & coming Documentary call "Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful", which profiles the life of 98-year-old judo master Keiko Fukuda. Her destiny down the path of judo was set two generations before her, and in 1934 (at age 21) she begantraining (this was during the final period of the Samurai). Keiko is also the last living member of Kano, the founder of judo. She gave up marriage, family, and Japanese citizenship to pursue a life practicing judo. - She's the only woman in the world to receive a 10th-degree black belt.

A woman that who deserve much recognition for her accomplishment as well as influence for the world of Martial Arts for Women. Once again proving, Age & gender does not limit for someone to follow the path of a Martial arts. 
On behalf of all martial arts age young and old we all bow to you, Keiko Fukuda Sensei
I have an epiphany.  Who wish to see Baby Bruce Lee go against Master Keiko Fukuda? i do!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ninja Firefighters

Spider man eat your heart out, The World Police Firefighters Games of 2011just happened recently in New York. People from all over the world compete and celebrate the heroism of world's public servant risking their lives every single day.

9/11 10th anniversary is just around the corner, they held such competition in NYC also in commemoration of the faithful event that changed America and the world.

Imagine how different Hollywood drama will be like if all rescuers are like these guys. Infact...can you all even imagine firefighters wearing tights with their underwear out like superman? "Help! save me Fireman!"

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I am the RED Cyclone!

Give me back that last piece of cheesecake you stole! 

Zanghief has been made the world most notoriously popular Wrestler in the video game industry. First made popular in fighting genre, Super Street Fighter 2, he is  also known as the Red Cyclone due to his matching red (lack of) attire of underwear, and wrestling boots. People always know him to be a slow, big and make for an easy target in many fighting games. What comes with size contributes to sheer POWER.

Some martial arts may say, power isn't everything, but in the ways of the Bushido, often times their techniques and philosophy encourages of taking the opponent down with 1 strike equals to 1 kill, same in the likes of Kyokushin, Kendo and Iaido. So with immense power comes with only 1 strike.

Or in the case of Zhangief, 1 strike and its over.
Here's real life proof of the Red Cyclone in Action.

Super Atomic Crush!

Big kid was bullied by the small fry and he had enough and transform himself into the Red Cyclone. Good job for standing up on yourself. That was sure a hard hit.

Bruce Lee's incarnation?

There's a saying about how age never factors into start training in any martial arts. Would you dare tell this baby that he is too young to kick some ass? Or at the very least, act like a total badass?

You pour water into a cup it becomes a cup, you pour bruce lee into this baby, it becomes Bruce Lee!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I love my Wing Chun Bears!

You want some of this? Come on!

Come lets practice our Chi Sao

Love them Wing Chuns Bears!