Friday, 27 July 2012

London Summer Olympic 2012

Another exciting year have come forth! it almost felt like yesterday when Beijing Summer Olympic happened. Massive fireworks, large crowds, China showcasing to the world,......and most importantly my highlight, the Opening Ceremony of impressive number of Taichi demonstration.....oh and the flying old 

On another note, our condolences of Beijing and its flooding incident and wish/pray for their speedy recovery....(coz im gonna be going there in few weeks!!!)

So to celebrate the opening of another great year of Martial Arts related Olympic competition, let us recap of last years highlights of the worlds greatest competitors!

(apologize some videos are harder to find than others so i put up whatever is available in the net) 

Tae Kwon Do, Men Finals - Italy Vs Iran

Tae Kwon Do, Women Finals - Canada Vs Korea

 Boxing, Men Finals - Ukraine Vs France

(Apologize could not find a female Finals highlights - if anyone have the link i'm be more than happy to post it here)

Fencing, Men Finals, Japan Vs Germany

 Fencing, Men Finals, China Vs Ukraine

Wrestling Highlights
sorry couldn't find the finals videos...- feel free to link the videos to me

Judo, Men Finals, Azerbaijan Vs Korea

Judo, Women Finals, China Vs Japan

Good luck to all of 2012 competitors all around the world and lets give it our best shot for the gold medal! And of course for us spectators and patriots alike, put up a good and exciting show for us to watch and remember!

More to Come, Taiji Quan, Wushu and much much more...

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