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London Summer Olympic 2012 - Epic Martial News! Day 6

Now isn't that awesome looking or what?
The London Summer Olympic 2012, Countries have won glory & golds whilst some receive close-call wins and some regrettable defeats. And we are only hitting Day 6! Good luck to those who have not competed yet and well done to those who already did their country proud....or not..?

I'm sure many of us can simply look around for scores of their specific matches and teams on the official London Olympic Website, but what Wing Chun Bear is more interested to find are more impactful news!

Remember the controversial defeat of Yang-Shu-Chun from Taiwan during the Beijing Olympic 2008?

So without further ado lets look at the current big news in current Olympic news to Martial Arts.

Japan Victory? or lost? or win? I DUNNO! Tell us refereee!
Boxing, Japan Satoshi Shimizu lands a body blow to his opponent from Azeri named Abdulhamidov. Looks like a sure win to move to quaterfinals for Japan since Abdulhamidov fell to the ground whilst wobbling standing back up. However Referee gave Abdulhamidov a contradictory score of 22-17 whom which Satoshi lost. Clearly spectators booed the decision and later the referee decided to appeal for his previous decision and made Satoshi to move to the next round.....well atleast the referee is doing whats right....RIGHT?? more info courtesy of DailyMail.

Sit down Protest! soo its sitting down protest....don't the managers need to move on to the next match?
Supposedly sitting-down protest is not a new thing, you just sit down to protest something about the match until someone or something is being done. But of course theres always controversies! The news supposedly that Korean (sitting down) Shin Lam is winning and when suddenly the match was given some time extension and that gave her opponent German, Britta Heideman to get the upperhand and won. So it was an utter defeat for Shin who then made London Olympic's first sitting down protest! let the Protest begins!....supposedly she had the chance for Bronze match and lost that one as well.......well.........a lost is a lost right?...more info courtesy of the Telegraph

The path to win the Gold medal in the Olympic is very expensive.....lets start a brothel! 
New Zealander, Logan Campbell who competed in the 2008 Beijing Sumer Olympic in Taekwondo didn't make it too far. Upon returning home he amounted a large sums of debt for his travels for the Olympics....(correct me if im wrong but dont they get sponsorship from the governement for these sorts of trips?) So for him to compete in this year's London Olympic he needs more money he decided to open a brothel. To fund for his training.....(apparently). "Training" alright. tee hee...
Jokes aside, those who don't know, it is legal to sell sex under the right guidelines in New Zealand. He sold his business thereafter but with the press and the media won't let go of such story kept on bugging him about his past, calling him the a sleazy pimp. Some Olympics officials find it degrading to the Olympic community for having such a past. Logan continues to defend against the barrage of negative press. More info coretesy of Yahoo! sports.

Olympic will continue to be strong due to stronger competitors every 4 years setting new records but it is also the controversies the dramas and the weird that makes Olympic great! Keep them coming i say!

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