Saturday, 29 October 2011

Martin Yan - Iron Chef? try master of kitchen knife!

Much like Monkey Magic (Journey to the West), Martin Yan used to appear everyday on TV when I was just beginning to learn my ABC in Saseme Street. Right after the evening rerun comes a cooking host by the name of Martin Yan. Apart from looking like my uncle, this man have this really harsh foreign Cantonese accent barely be able to put proper grammar in any single sentences he ever said.

Like any great humble Martial Arts Master, they are master at hiding and deceiving certain things. After 20 long years I just found out that this man is actually an American born Chinese! I've been deceived by his accent for 20 friggin years!

However that is not the point. The point of me even talking about him is my memory of him. Yes he never appear in the popular Iron chef (not that i know of) but what makes him standsout in my memory in comparison with the rest is that, after learning to speak English in Saseme Streets, his cooking show taught me how to speak broken English!

Jokes aside, apart from his bubbly personality and many award winning shows, there is one other thing that he stood out. Martin Yan's Weapon of Choice....

Martin Yan's Signature Chinese Cooking Knife
Also known as a chinese cooking cleaver, or Chopping Knife. He uses such knife to do pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to cutting for food. Chopping, Skinning, Dicing, Cutting, Slicing, Bashing, uses as a mini-tray, Julianning.....pretty much everything. (I have yet to see him whisk an egg using that)

Martial Arts master understands the anatomy of a human. Martin Yan? He understands the anatomy of vegetables and meats. Aside from being such fast cutter and a fast stumbling speaker, his skills with his Knife and understanding the anatomy of food he can do incredible things. Like.....Cutting a piece of Chicken in 18 Seconds.

One day i'd like to find myself a weapon of choice
Martin Yan can do it so can you!

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