Monday, 8 October 2012

Street Fight Zero Rules!

Sick and tired reading the news about violent cases of people getting mugged on the streets? Feeling paranoid about every dark alley you come across? Worry about the rape cases in the parking lots?
Didn't have the patience to learn years of Traditional Martial Arts in order to protect yourself?

Well look no further!
Come on over to Wing Chun Bear's dedicated blogging site for Self Defense call the Street Fight Zero Rules!it is a SERIOUS blog dedicated to those who are concerned about their well beings and safety on the streets and those interested to learn some interesting real facts about staying alive on the streets!

What you will find in Street Fight Zero Rules

  • The all important preventive measurements one can take to avoid conflicts
  • Weekly news and tips on how to be more assertive to avoid potential threats
  • The all important information of when encountering of actual threat
  • Tips & tricks from Real Experts in the self-defense industries
  • Reviews & recommendations of available Online-Courses in the Self defense industries

Those who are already committed to begin making changes in their life to gain the ability to protect themselves and others may go directly into learning the available Courses below...

Self Defense Krav Maga On-line

Krav Maga, The World's Best Self Defense Method Is Finally Online! Israeli Army Face-to-face Fighting Method Against Terrorists. No fuss, fast to pickup system that can be learned by ALL. Learn to be well prepared and equip with the knowledge and skill sets when encountering dangerous incidents. 

Street Fighting Uncaged

Learn the "Dirty" street fighting moves that gangs & thugs wont want you to know. These are all the moves outlawed by MMA & cagefights for its realism and brutality to stay alive.

More other recommended affiliates to come in near future to optimize your awareness & wellness in self-defense!

Click here now to the new Blogging site dedicated to your owns safety!

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