Sunday, 4 March 2012

Maori - Warrior spirit from New Zealand

The Maori warriors of New Zealand Ancient warrior tribes still exist today
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Coming back from New Zealand few weeks ago made a strong impression of me how the strength and spirit of the Maori Warriors still resonates in my mind. There are few countries that I have been maintain and preserve their ancestral cultures and ways even in modern times. Unfortunately my journey didn't take me to the Northern Island of NZ which from what I was told is where the Maori descendants & culture are mostly concentrated.

However as I mentioned even though I wasnt fully there to fully experiencing the ancient culture at least I brought some meaningful souvenirs back home with me. 

1) The "Ta Moko"
Maori Markings (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Contemporary days people are taking inspiration from the Maori face markings and is often used as templates for many line based designs. During ancient times its used as a form of intimidation and some say the designs are embedded with spirits to give strength to the warriors. Due to its symbolism of strength, power and honor, modern day warriors and athletes tends to have these markings tattooed on them. (top of my head is the ROCK from WWE).

In case you all wonder if i tattoo myself with one .... sorry to disappoint, im too sensitive on my skin. so instad i buy T-shirts with those markings on it for me to wear when I train. Makes me feel like an honorable warrior! gaaarr!

2) Maori Weapon of choice - Mere

The Mere hold by the chieftain of the tribe
A short range weapon used for clubbing and bashing. Its blunt surfaces and small size makes it easier to carry around. The weapon is often made by hard material such as hardwood and sometimes whale bones but it is most prized for it being made by Jade, (Hard valuable stone, comes with various colors) My sources may be incorrect but for high-ranking chieftains often holds the jade Mere as a symbol of status and wisdom.

Unfortunately it is a weapon is a weapon so I decided not to risk going through custom with it. (very unfortunate, since I would love to collect one at home)

3) The Hakka

The Hakka is a ritualistic dance/War-cry for warriors to prepare themselves mentally and physically to go into combat. It is also used as a war-cry to intimidate their foes by forming in groups doing a ritualistic formation dance intimidating their foes with big bulging eyes, wide mouth  and long tongue telling them "I'm going to eat you!"

The War Cry Hakka is so affective it is even practiced today by the Local Rugby Team, All Blacks, from what I was told the first time the team performed the Hakka before the match to opposing team, it scared the living day light out of them and the All Blacks won the Championship. Here's an excerpt below...

After watching that video it gave an empowering feeling within me and so why the Hakka by far is one of the things that resonates me the most of my trip to New Zealand. 

Believe it or not? I actually used the Hakka before i do one of the most craziest things ever in my entire life....What was it you ask? Just remember not to look down.....

No thats not me...
One day shall upload my own photo of that jump in the near future :D 
Kamate Kamate!!

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