Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wing Chung Dummy Bear Found! (Somewhere in Amsterdam Tourist Centre)

Hi all, its been sometime since i last blogged simply because i was away overseas for some form of Martial Meditation, (holiday abroad round UK & Europe). During my quest for enlightenment I happen to see tons of posters and adds for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Which also caught my eyes on a modern day rendition of the BBC Sherlock TV Series. It looked great but i wonder if this new Holmes knows Baritsu? or maybe Aikido? or maybe even modern day rendition of Baritsu...MMA??

Season 1 apparently recently ended so hopefully we can catch a glimpse of Holmes abs in the 2nd i right lady warriors? ^_*

On the contrary Watson, i tend to notice there are tons of Sherlock Holmes related TV shows & Video Games as of late...
But that was not the point, i strayed off to unrelated realm a moment there.
I belief there is a saying somewhere along these lines..."You do martial arts, martial arts will always be around you" or somewhere along those line. On my trip around Amsterdam I happen to come across Wing Chung Dummy Bear in one of the tourist information Centre.

Look at the size of that in comparison to my size!
Those who are new and doesn't know what is a Wing Chun Bear should look at my previous blogs, it has all the necessary information and pictures needed to understand what is a Wing Chun Bear

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