Saturday, 7 January 2012

Taichi Quan - Epic Martial Arts

Taichi Quan - "Some ancient slow Oriental dance that the Chinese people do every morning"

We've all seen them, in every corner of the world that may or may not have Chinatowns we see millions of people of all ages and all races doing Taichi. Back in the old days it is often mistaken by the western eyes to be some ancient dance people do to kill time.

Today we all known it to to be an exercise beneficial for the Mental & Physical whilst Martial Artist knows it to be a Martial Art based on the Concept of Ying & Yang. (i wont go deep into that now) It's a Martial Arts where many practice for various reasons; some to be health benefits whilst some to be physically fit whilst some are in it for the company & community and some are for the self defense & kicking arsee..

Often underestimated by other martial arts practitioners to see it being a slow dance, despite its slow dance-like movements Taichi holds various techniques and footings to create its hidden powers. As demonstrated by the video below in actual self-defense exercise we can witness how the techniques are being used.

Nowadays with the magic of the media & internet we get to see and study more the marvel of what Taichi Quan can do in the forms of Movies, Video Games instructional videos and often rare "fighting application" of Taichi we can now understand more of why Taichi is being practiced by millions all over the world by all ages and race.

Now we even get to see proper speed fights & application in a proper match using only Taichi Quan techniques, courtesy of youtube for finding this video.

As for the question wether Taichi Quan are applicable to the more hardcore Mix Martial Arts, its hard to say for we have yet to see one who uses them yet. And as for the haters who already disregard this Martial art to be ineffective they will continue to hate.

and all i can say is....

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